Head of School

Message from the Head of ZIS

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to

Zaman International School, Secondary and High School Campus. Since 1997 Zaman has served the community through enabling its students to reach the top and we aspire to do the same in the years ahead.

In accordance with Zaman’s mission to inspire students wit

h a challenging, local and international education in pursuit of academic excellence and social success, we strive to give our students comprehensive education so that they can succeed in local and international tertiary education as well as in their employments. One of the ways we challenge our students is through international competitions. A large number of our students have joined the International Olympiads and other International competitio

ns and have returned to Cambodia with medals and success stories. Please refer to the International Achievements book about our students’ success

in these competitions. Along with academic achievements, at ZIS we believe in the safety and morality of our students. As such, ZIS Secondary and High School Campus is also very well-known for fostering student’s safety, well-being and discipline. With such emphasis on academic excellence and morality, it gives us a great pleasure to inform you that most of the 1400 students who left ZIS have successfully established their careers either in Cambodia or abroad.

In the pursuit of continued academic excellence, ZIS will be offering 2 new programmes, in addition to the current curriculum, in the next academic year. ZIS students may choose any one of the following programmes:

Bilingual Science Programme
► A continuation of the current programme in which both English and Khmer curricula are offered.
Bilingual Social Programme
► Intensive English and Humanities courses will be offered along with Khmer curriculum.
International Programme
► Is intended for international students and for students

who want to study English medium courses only.
► Successfully prepares students for tertiary education in International Universities locally and abroad.

We welcome you to visit our Secondary/High School campus where you will get more information and answers to your questions.

May Zaman be the school where your child inspires to learn, grows academically and becomes a successful contributing member of society.

Best regards,